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International Investors Gold Fund - Class Y

Class Y Details: INIYX

04/30/10 1.06%/1.06%

Latest Commentary

By: Joe Foster, Portfolio Manager

The Gold Market commentary provides a monthly update on the relevant factors and notable trends impacting gold bullion and gold mining equities. Joe Foster offers a unique perspective developed over a 40-year career including experience as an exploration geologist.

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Video Viewpoint: Gold

Gold: 2021 Outlook and Inflation Risks

Joe Foster
Gold Strategy Portfolio Manager

VanEck Gold Strategy Portfolio Manager Joe Foster discusses his 2021 Outlook for gold, inflation risks and more in a conversation with Jenna Dagenhart of Asset TV.

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The Global Leader in Gold Investing


Seeking a Safe Haven During Market Uncertainty? Learn How to Access the Potential Benefits of Gold Investing.

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Gold Miners in a Gold Bull Market

Ima Casanova
Deputy Portfolio Manager, Gold Strategy

Ima Casanova, Deputy Portfolio Manager, Gold Strategy, takes a closer look at what drives the performance of gold miners—from junior developers to senior producers—during a gold bull market and what differentiates the current bull market from previous ones.

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Gold Continues to Shine

Joe Foster
Portfolio Manager

Gold and gold companies find themselves very well positioned to weather COVID-19 and the current financial crisis.

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We’ve Offered Inflation Solutions Since 1968

Jan van Eck

Although inflation may be a new concern for many investors today, we’ve been offering inflation-fighting solutions since 1968. CEO Jan van Eck discusses the origins of our gold strategy and its contribution to the firm’s investment philosophy.

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The Many Uses of Gold

The Many Uses of Gold

As far back as 1500 BC, Egyptians and other ancient peoples used gold for currency, and its importance has not waned since. In today’s world, we may not carry gold coins in our pockets, but gold remains one of the most highly valued commodities for cultures across the globe.

Sound Currency
Gold’s historic role as a sound currency alternative is recognized universally — from farmers in India whose high-carat jewelry is a form of savings, to investors in the West who accumulate coins and bars, to central bankers around the globe who hold gold in their foreign exchange reserves.

Powerful Investment Tool
Today, gold is recognized as a potentially powerful tool in an investment portfolio. Gold may:

  • Keep pace with inflation and offer a hedge against currency devaluation.
  • Generate positive returns in periods of economic stress and political/economic upheaval.
  • Provide diversification through a low correlation to the movements of the financial markets.