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VanEck ChiNext ETF

Index Key Points

Underlying Index: ChiNext Index (SZ988107)

The Index comprises:

The 100 largest and most liquid stocks listed and trading on the ChiNext Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The ChiNext Index is comprised of A-shares.

Companies eligible for inclusion in Index:

When selecting constituent stocks for the ChiNext Index, the index provider:

  1. calculates the daily average total market capitalization and daily average trading value during the previous six months for all the stocks in the stock universe;
  2. ranks the stocks in the stock universe in descending order according to daily average trading value and excludes the bottom 10%; and
  3. ranks the remaining stocks in descending order according to daily average total market capitalization and selects those which rank in the top 100 as constituent stocks of the ChiNext Index.

Index provider:

Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd

Index Profile

  • Ticker

  • Inception Date

  • Rebalance Frequency


Index Top 10 Constituents (%)  as of 02/28/23

Total Constituents: 100
Constituent Name Ticker Weightings (%)
Contemporary Amperex Techn-A 300750 CH 16.16
East Money Information Co-A 300059 CH 6.76
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medic-A 300760 CH 4.56
Shenzhen Inovance Technolo-A 300124 CH 4.20
Sungrow Power Supply Co Lt-A 300274 CH 3.79
Guangdong Wens Foodstuffs -A 300498 CH 3.36
Aier Eye Hospital Group Co-A 300015 CH 2.94
Eve Energy Co Ltd-A 300014 CH 2.86
Chongqing Zhifei Biologica-A 300122 CH 2.13
Walvax Biotechnology Co-A 300142 CH 1.94
Top 10 Total (%) 48.70
These are not recommendations to buy or to sell any security. Securities and holdings may vary.

Index Country Weightings (%)
as of 02/28/23

Country % of Net Assets
China 100.0

Index Sector Weightings (%)
as of 02/28/23

Sector % of Net Assets
Industrials 35.1
Health Care 24.1
Information Technology 17.3
Financials 7.5
Materials 7.1
Consumer Staples 5.4
Consumer Discretionary 2.0
Communication Services 1.4

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