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Income Investing

Stay informed in an ever-changing interest rate environment with income investing insights covering the latest news, trends and investment opportunities.


What to buy? Bonds. When? Now. Interest rate normalization has returned us to a world where a far greater range of scenarios can lead to positive returns for bonds.
CLOs have historically offered a compelling combination of above-average yield, strong risk profiles, and the potential for strong upside appreciation.
Fallen angel high yield bonds provide a distinct value proposition that sets them apart from the broad high yield market.


Frequently Asked Questions

I bonds are a safe and easy way to save for the future and offset the negative impact of inflation over time.
A high yield alone doesn’t mean a good buy. Our active approach to high yield income tactically shifts allocations to seek enhanced downside protection and upside participation.
A dividend investing strategy that considers a company’s long-term financial health and valuations may help strengthen a core equity portfolio.
We explore how CLOs are structured—including their “built-in” risk protection and how they compare to other fixed income instruments—in this Q&A.
We address frequently asked questions about sustainable municipal bonds including suitability, ratings, how sustainable munis fit into a portfolio and the VanEck HIP Sustainable Muni ETF (SMI).