BlueStar Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Index

BlueStar Quantum Computing &Machine Learning Index

Index Symbol: BQTUMTR

An index of global equities or companies pioneering in the development or use of quantum computers, or whose products and services are required for machine learning based on traditional computing.

Companies considered for inclusion for their relation to quantum computing may be involved in the development or production of: quantum computers or quantum computing chips, superconducting materials, or applications built on quantum computers. 

Companies considered for inclusion for their involvement in machine learning may be involved in the development or commercialization of products and services such as: big data management and availability; advanced traditional computing hardware including processing units, field programmable gate arrays, and solid state memory devices; embedded artificial intelligence chips; and sensors and signal processors used in the collection of big data such as for machine vision and natural language processing.

The index is rebalanced semi-annually and components are equally weighted subject to a liquidity overlay.

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