The BlueStar Index Advisory Committee

The BlueStar Index Advisory Committee (“BIAC”) provides input, research and industry perspective to the construction and maintenance of the BlueStar Indexes. BIAC is comprised of experienced industry professionals and academics with deep insight into global capital markets, index methodology, the Israeli and Mideast/Mediterranean regional economies, ETFs, index products and institutional investment. Committee members are also chosen for their ability to provide strategic input to the development of the BlueStar Indexes, ensuring market and commercial relevance. Input from the Committee is ultimately advisory in nature, and all final index decisions are based on the formal index methodology and the proprietary research of BlueStar Indexes.

The Committee meets semi-annually, coordinated with the index reconstitution process, but can be convened for ad-hoc meetings to address the dynamic nature of capital markets and the world economy. BlueStar Indexes research staff serves as the Secretariat of the Committee.


Steven Schoenfeld

(same bio as executive team)

Joshua Kaplan

(same bio as executive team)

Robert Ginis

Investment Strategy Advisor, BlueStar Indexes; Managing Partner, GP Analytics

Mark Sladkus

Mark Sladkus is the Founder and President of Red Lighthouse Investment Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm in New York City which provides comprehensive wealth management services for families and foundations.

Prior to founding Red Lighthouse, Mark served as the head of Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). In this capacity, Mark created the world’s first investable emerging market index. He led the effort to create the first global style indices, which partitioned the world’s developed and emerging markets into “value” and “growth” indices. Realizing the potential diversification benefits of non-U.S. small stocks, Mark also led the effort to design a global small-cap family of indices.

At MSCI, Mark acted as the chair of the Index Committee, the group responsible for selecting which securities enter and exit the MSCI family of indices (including the well-known EAFE, EM, and ACWI Indices.) Mark was also the publisher of Morgan Stanley Capital International Perspective, which for almost 40 years has been a preeminent source of global equity fundamental data.

Over his long career at MSCI, Mark was involved in the design and maintenance of numerous other indices covering the fixed income market, REITs, hedge funds, and many others. Mark is a 2008 recipient of the William F. Sharpe Lifetime Indexing Achievement Award. He received an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in economics from Cornell University.

Yuval Haberman

Yuval Haberman is a senior investment professional with 21 years’ experience in global capital markets, portfolio management, trading, benchmarks and managing investment teams. He is the CEO of Yuval Consultants, a consulting firm that brings extensive experience and expertise to help companies in professional asset management and investment strategy, raising capital, and corporate governance.  Yuval also serves as a Board member at Migdal Makefet Pension Funds and Provident Funds Ltd., one of the largest pension funds in Israel and Yozma Pension Funds for the Self-Employed Ltd.

Yuval has been Head of Global & Israeli Equities and a member of the Asset Liability Management Committee at Amitim Senior Pension Fund, Israel’s largest public pension fund manager. In this role, he was responsible for management of the team managing both Israeli and international equity portfolios of approximately NIS 45 Billion. Prior to this role, he was Chief Investment Officer at Amitim Provident Fund, where he led strategy, asset allocation and implementation of the strategy. before joining Amitim, he served as Chief Investment Officer at the Kagam Senior Pension Fund, and before that as Senior Portfolio Manager at Leumi Provident Fund. He started his investment career at Menora Insurance Company, where he was Head of Fixed Income investments.

Yuval earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Economics from Israel’s Bar Ilan University.

Joy Yang

Joy Yang is a seasoned investment professional with more than 20 years of experience in global equity portfolio management, trading, quantitative research, client service, and managing complex investment and operational teams.

Joy is currently an executive at marketβeta, a specialist ETF firm that enables clients to bring their premium investment products to the ETF marketplace.  She is responsible for fund lifecycle support, including product design, process analysis, platform integration and implementation.

Joy has been an Investment Strategist at Dimensional Fund Advisors responsible for education and messaging on key investment topics.  Prior to Dimensional, Joy was Head of Equity & Trading for Vanguard’s European Investment Management Group and has led teams running index and quantitative active products at Scottish Widows Investment Management (Aberdeen Standard Life), Rosenberg Equities, and Barclays Global Investors (BGI, now BlackRock).  At BGI, she was a key team member managing the firm’s first Emerging Market index funds, and the initial iShares international equity ETFs.

She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Cooper Union School of Engineering.

Joy has extensive ETF experience from working on the launch of iShares in the US (2000) to the launch of Vanguard ETFs in Europe (2012). She is a member of Women in ETFs, leading the University Outreach Committee for EMEA.

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