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BlueStar Indexes is a financial firm that specializes in developing and commercializing indexes and ETFs with a focus on the Israeli capital markets.  BlueStar’s mission is to provide global institutional and retail investors with thoughtfully designed proprietary and custom investment strategies for efficiently accessing the full range of Israeli asset classes.

BlueStar currently produces six indexes for Israel, five stock indexes and one bond index.  BlueStar takes a global approach to investing in Israel by considering Israeli companies listed worldwide for inclusion in our strategies.  BlueStar’s founder and Chief Investment Officer, Steven Schoenfeld, conceived the idea of BlueStar in 2010 and put his plan into action by launching the firm in 2011 with the support of co-founders and strategic advisers. BlueStar recognized early on that despite Israel’s compelling investment case there was a lack of actual investment in Israeli assets by global investors resulting in latent demand for investing in Israel.

BlueStar’s indexes address the problem that most other Israel-focused investment strategies are not designed to truly represent the global Israeli economy.  Additionally, many investors are often unaware of Israel’s economic success and future potential as an investment destination. Over the years BlueStar’s products have become known as the optimal benchmarks for investing in Israel by global investors and BlueStar has led the conversation, education and investment into Israel’s capital markets.  BlueStar’s ability to build intelligently designed, broad-based, sector-specific and factor-based indexes to capture Israel’s capital market performance is what sets us apart. Our desire to educate and help facilitate investment in Israel’s capital markets is what makes us an indispensable partner to so many leading U.S. and Israeli financial institutions.

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