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Why Invest in Israel?

In many ways, Israel offers the “best of both worlds”: the superior economic management of a developed market with the characteristics of an emerging market such as supportive demographic trends, recent discovery of natural resources, an export-oriented economy, and a relatively strong real estate market. Technological innovation is also a cornerstone of the Israeli economy and it’s impact can be felt worldwide through many of the the technological luxuries we take for granted everyday. Above all, Israel exhibits consistent economic strength and growth  even during times of geopolitical turmoil.  Over the past three decades, this stability has been reflected in Israel’s entrepreneurial and technological revolution, its economic expansion, as well as the performance of its equity markets.

Strong Historical Performance

Over the past 15 years, Israeli equities outperformed many developed and emerging markets.

Unshakable Macro Economic Management

Israel has demonstrated an ability to maintain its high credit rating despite surrounding geopolitical conflict.

Competitive and Innovative

Israeli companies are world leaders in technological innovation in all areas from info-tech to bio-tech and agri-tech.

The BlueStar Mission

BlueStar Indexes is a financial firm that specializes in developing and commercializing better ways to invest in Israel’s capital markets.   BlueStar’s mission is to provide global institutional and retail investors with thoughtfully designed proprietary and custom investment strategies for efficiently accessing the full range of Israeli asset classes. Our initial focus is on Israeli stocks trading worldwide, but our research efforts span public equity, private equity/venture capital, fixed income, mutual fund and absolute return strategies….

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Our Indexes

Our indexes are built from BlueStar’s proprietary database of Israeli companies.  They are designed to be the most complete and pure benchmarks for Israel’s capital markets: BlueStar considers all Israeli companies for inclusion regardless of their listing venue and will not include non-Israeli companies even if they are listed on the local Israeli exchange. BlueStar’s indexes serve as an asset allocation tool, a performance benchmark, and the basis for investment products.

BlueStar Israel Global Index® (BIGI®)

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