Why Invest in Israel?

Israel offers a compelling investment opportunity, representing the “best of both worlds” -- a country that has displayed superior economic management as a developed market, but with the growth characteristics of an emerging market.

  • Over the past three decades, Israel's strength has been reflected in its technological revolution, economic expansion, and global leadership in innovation and research.

  • Israeli stocks have delivered impressive historical performance when compared with both emerging and developed equity markets.

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    Kiplinger: "7 Great Growth Stocks Based in Israel"

    “'Israel is unique'”, says Steve Schoenfeld...

    Q2 2014: BlueStar Israel Equity Update

    The BlueStar Israel Global Index rose 6.72% in Q1 2014...

    Investing in Israel Amidst Geopolitical Risk: a BlueStar Blue Paper

    The Israeli equity market has... been more closely tied to major global trends and economic shocks than geopolitical events...

    ETF Trends: "Momentum with Israel ETFs"

    "The two Israel ETFs... – have been solid performers over the past 90 days."

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    Our Mission

    BlueStar Indexes is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueStar Global Investors LLC, a research-focused financial firm that specializes in the Israeli capital markets. BlueStar’s mission is to develop investment strategies that provide global institutional and retail investors efficient access to the full range of Israeli asset classes. Our initial focus is on Israeli stocks trading worldwide, but our research efforts span public equity, private equity/venture capital, fixed income, mutual fund and absolute return strategies....

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